Real Talk with Frank Garay

Episode 13

Sometimes hearing the hard truth is necessary to make it through a tough time. Jen and Frank talk about how this market may still have challenges, but they have the answer to making it through!

Ever wonder what a top level executive mortgage thinks?

Episode 12

Today, Jen is chatting with the President of Hometown Lenders, John Taylor. They are sharing best practices and mistakes that companies and loan officers are making right now. Need a new perspective? Today will give you one!

Hiring your kid? Are you CRAZY?!?

Episode 11

Family working together can be a dream or a nightmare. Jen has been lucky enough to have a dream! Today she is chatting with her son, Travis, about working together and what this industry is like for someone that watched it from the sidelines for years and now is running a department!

Learning how to turn NO into YES!

Episode 9

Tressa Pope has a proven system to turn no into yes! Listen in as she explains her No Flow File process to help clients that chose another lender to help them with their transaction.

Why Process Wins Every Time!

Episode 7

How lucky are we to have Steve Kyles on today? Process trumps everything, even in changing markets. We are talking about how you continue your process or build your process, TODAY! Doing things the same way every time matters……listen to today’s episode if you don’t know where to start!

Consumer Direct Marketing? I wouldn’t know what to say!

Episode 5

Having different avenues to generate leads is always important, maybe now more than ever. Jen’s mentor, Conrad Thompson, speaks with Jen about what to say and how to say it and even where to say it! Check this episode out if you don’t know how to create messaging that will be heard!